This Week and Beyond at St Michael's

Welcome to St Michael's. We are now back to GMT - British Summer Time has ended. Our mornings will be lighter and the evenings are earlier now.
We continue to celebrate our Sunday Eucharist live on Zoom each week. If you would like to join us please use the Contact tab above. There is a regular Communion service in church at 11am every Wednesday but please let us know in advance if you are intending to attend this (we have very limited seating space at the moment).
We also send out a daily (Monday to Friday) email - please use the Contact tab above to get your name on the circulation list (blind copying to preserve everyone's privacy).
Hands, face, space! STOP the spread of Covid-19 by limiting social contact and obey the 'Rule of Six'. Oxford city is currently Tier 1: Medium alert. This means we should be doing the essentials: Hand washing, Face coverings, Space of 2m distance and staying home as much as we can.



  • The church building is open on Wednesdays for a short Communion service at 11am  - we have a QR code which works with the new NHS Covid-19 App or we can sign you in manually. Wrap up warm - we have the doors open for ventilation so won't be putting the heating on...
  • Inclusive Church: we are now formally affiliated to the Inclusive Church Network - if you scroll to the bottom of this page you will find the logo - click on this and it will take you to a new website providing more details about this.
  • We have a resource for praying for the Departed which can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • We now have a section on how to donate to St Michael's. Use the Info tab above and you will find the entry on Stewardship and a big thank you to all those who support what we do. This has enabled us to carry on developing new ways of supporting and serving one another and our wider community during the lockdown.


Sunday 25th October  Last Sunday after Trinity

  • 10 am Zoom Live Eucharist our Trinity Season ends this week. 


Prayer for this week:

Merciful God, teach us to be faithful in change and uncertainty, that trusting in your word and obeying your will, we may enter the unfailing joy of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


 Wednesday this week. 
  • 11 am Communion from the Reserved Sacrament takes place inside church. You still need to wrap up warm and remember a face covering.


Saints and Festivals for this Week:
  •  Alfred the Great, King, Scholar, 899 King of Wessex who managed to reclaim English territory from the Vikings. He also promoted Christian learning and worship. Pray today for Winchester - its Bishop and people; for England and a renewal of its education, Church and national life.
  • SIMON & JUDE, Apostles not much is known about these two but legend has it they went to Persia and were martyred there - they are to be distinguished from Simon Peter and Judas Iscariot. It is unclear if Jude is the author of the Epistle of Jude in the New Testament. Pray today for all places dedicated to Simon and Jude and also for Iran.
  • James Hannington, martyr in Uganda, 1885 Pray today for modern Uganda and our friends at Dongpacu.
  • Martin Luther, Reformer, 1545 Pray today for the German churches and Lutherans worldwide especially our friends of the ELCE in Oxford. 


Next Week 1st November All Saints: Kingdom 1
  • Zoom live at 10 am Eucharist - The Kingdom Season begins
  • The order of service and link to the service will be sent out to those on our pastoral email network. If you would like to be included please use the Contact tab above to be included in the event. NB we blind copy recipients in our messages so we protect your privacy.